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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery

Editorial Board

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

  • Prof. Loai Aljerf, PhD., Professor, Key Laboratory of Organic Industries, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria. Email:


    Loai Aljerf is a Prof in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences/Damascus University. He is a specialist in analytical and industrial chemistry. He obtained many awards and published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers (two of them in French) in Environmental Sciences, Green Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Synthesis Chemistry, Concrete, Ceramics, Paper Industry, Petrochemical, Extraction, Separation, Lithium-Ion-Batteries, and Oral Chemistry. He is a partner in Advances in Cleaner Production Network, and a member of the German Chemical Society e.V. (GDCh), Asian Chemical Society, and the American University of Beirut. He is a member of the higher committee of the 6th International Workshop-Advance in Cleaner Production (São Paulo, Brazil (May 24th to 26th - 2017)) and in more than 60 conference organizing committees. Loai Aljerf is in the Cambridge Scholars Publishing-Life Science Advisory Board and an editor of more than 80 journals and a reviewer for Top journals in Industry, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental Chemistry.

    Research Interest

    Nutrition, Industrial Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Cement Industry, Ceramics, Paper Industry, Advances in Cleaner Production, Climate Change, Pollution, Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution, Eco-friendly Biopolymers, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Nanotechnology, Adsorption, Ecology and Natural Resources, Biodiversity, Sustainable Development, Waste Management, Environmental Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Ecodesign, Design for the Environment, Energy Labeling, Eco-efficiency, Chromatography, HPLC, GC, MS, AAS, Spectroscopy, and Lithium-Ion-Batteries.

Executive Editor

  • Prof. Bahram Alidaee, Ph.D., Professor of Operations Management & Pharmacy Administration, School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi, Mississippi, USA. Email:


    Professor of Operations Management, School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi (2005 -
    Present), University, Mississippi.
    Joint Professor in Pharmacy Administration, University of Mississippi, School of Pharmacy (2005 - Present),
    University, Mississippi.
    Interim Chair of the Department of Marketing, University of Mississippi (January, 2017 - March, 2018),
    University, Mississippi.
    Joint Associate Professor with Pharmacy Administration, School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi (1997
    - 2005), University, Mississippi.
    Associate Professor of Operations Management, School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi
    (1997 - 2005), University, Mississippi.
    Assistant Professor of Operations Management, School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi
    (1995 - 1996), University, Mississippi.
    Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, West Texas A & M University (1988 - 1995), Canyon, Texas.

    Research Interest

    2015: Mississippi Blood Services
    2011 – 2012: Mississippi Blood Services
    2006: Mississippi Blood Services, member of Advising Board for MBS

Editorial Board Member

  • Dr. Kuldeep Shukla, Ph. D., Associate Professor & HoD-Pharmaceutics Department, Jyotiraditya Institute of Pharmacy, JD Shiksha Gram, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. E-mail:


    Working with Jyotiraditya Institute of Pharmacy, JD Shiksha Gram, Pratapgarh, as Associate Professor & HoD -Pharmaceutics Department from 02nd Jan. 2023 to till date. Over 14 Years’ work experience of Pharmaceutical Industry and 05 year experience of teaching.

    Research Interest

    Pharmaceutics, Nano formulation, Nasal Mucoadhesive Microspheres

  • Prof. Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra, Ph.D., Professor with Chair at the University of Almería, Spain. Email:


    Dr. Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra, Spanish is now Professor with Chair at the University of Almería (Spain) and she was Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at the University of Granada from 1979 on. Forty-nine years of teaching and researching experience. She is the Director of Research Group HUM113-Estudios Filológicos from Program of Research of Andalusian Government, where she has managed and directed several academic and scientific contacts and research projects, as well as a Member of the European Scientific Institute (ESI) Team, Athens Institute for Education & Research (ATINER) in Greece, The Academic Genesis Platform (UAGP) in UK&Turkey and Experts of Academic Excellence Research Centre (EAERC) in Jordan; GI Social Sciences Forum (GISSF), in Malaysia; Akademica Nusa International Association of Social Sciences and Humanities, in UAE; Science Research  Association (SCIREA); Academic Fora; Foundation for Social Sciences and Education Research (FSSER); etc. She is the author of many works on several aspects of Arabic science and literature in the Middle Ages, as well as Arabic language and linguistics. She has also participated in different prestigious international scientific Conferences. She has visited many universities and academic institutions of Europe, the United States, and Arab countries in order to teach and research. Among her works, we have the study and the translation to Spanish of some treatises of Kitab al-tariff's Al-Zahrawi, Ibn Qutayba´s texts, Maqamas of Al-Hariri, The Sicilian Questions of Ibn Sabin, and the book on the plague by Ibn Khatima.

    Research Interest

    Medieval Arabic Science, Humanities, Arabic Philology

  • Prof. Andrey Nikolaevych Belousov, MBBS, MD, Professor at the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Transfusiology and Hematology, Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkov, Ukraine. Email:


    Prof. Andrey Nikolaevych Belousov is a graduate of the Kharkov Medical Institute in 1988. He did his Doctor of Medicine degree on specialty - Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in 2004. The title dissertation: “Extracorporal hemocorrection using magnet-controlled sorbent in intensive therapy of intoxication syndromes in patients with hepatopancreatoduodenales dis­eases”. He is also an author of new medicinal products- nanotechnology preparations based on magnetite nanoparticles (Fe3O4) of the size 6-12 nm ( the peroral form - Micromage-B (the biologically active additive officially registration in Ukraine); Magnet-controlled sorbent brand of MCS-B for extracorporal detoxication of biological liquids (officially registration in Ukraine and was allowed for medical practice); NanoBiocorrector for intravenous application – ICNB (intracorporal nano sorbent). A.N. Belousov is the author of the new method of extracorporal hemocorrection using magnet-controlled sor¬bent (MCS-B). He has got 7 patents for the invention. Author of the scientific film which focuses on the elaboration of the artificial liver device and the development of a new direction in medicine – Nanotechnology. Andrey Belousov was awarded Medical Diploma of Europe “An Honorary Scholar Europe” and R. Koch medal for the scientific achievements, development of a new direction in medicine, and elaboration of a new method of treatment by means of preparations of nanotechnology in 2008. Member of the Ukrainian and Russian Society Nanotechnology.

    Research Interest

    Nanomedicine, Intensive Care, An¬esthesiology, Transfusiology, nanomedicine, magnetite nanoparticles, ICNB, MCS-B, Micromage-B, intensive care, transfusiology, microorganism, blood loss, erythrocytes.

  • Prof. Xianquan Zhan, MD, Ph.D., Professor at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University in China. Email:;


    Dr. Zhan received his undergraduate and graduate training in the fields of preventive medicine and epidemiology and statistics at the West China University of Medical Sciences in China from 1989 to 1999. He received his post-doctoral training in oncology and cancer proteomics for two years at the Cancer Research Institute of Human Medical University in China. In 2001, he went to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) in the USA, where he was a post-doctoral researcher and focused on mass spectrometry and cancer proteomics. Then, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Neurology, UTHSC in 2005. He moved to the Cleveland Clinic in the USA as a Project Scientist/Staff in 2006 where he focused on the studies of eye disease proteomics and biomarkers. He returned to UTHSC as an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the end of 2007, engaging in proteomics and biomarker, studies of lung diseases and brain tumors, and initiating the studies of predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine (PPPM) in cancer. In 2010, he was promoted to Associate Professor of Neurology, UTHSC. Currently, he is the European EPMA National Representative in China, Associate Editors of BMC Genomics and of BMC Medical Genomics. He has published 102 peer-reviewed research articles including about 75 articles in the field of disease proteomics and transcriptomics, 9 book chapters, and 2 US patents.

    Research Interest

    current main research interest focuses on the studies of cancer proteomics and biomarkers, and the use of modern omics techniques and systems biology for PPPM in cancer.

    Studies of cancer proteomics and biomarkers, and the use of modern omics techniques and systems biology for PPPM in cancer.

  • Prof. Emilio BUCIO, PhD., Professor & Researcher, Department of Radiation Chemistry, Doctor of Sciences of the National University of Mexico, Researcher of Nuclear Science Institute, Mexico. Email:


    He graduated in Chemical Physics at Chemist Faculty of National University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1999. Since that time, he is working in the Nuclear Science Institute UNAM. Awards Medal “Gustavo Baz Prada” (for Bs in 1993 UNAM), Medal “Alfonso Caso” (for Ph D in 1999), and LAS/ANS award for best publication of the year in 2010 by Nuclear American Society Latinoamerican Section. International articles 141, chapters in book 35, thesis direction 55

    Research Interest

    His field of expertise is radiation chemistry, fluorinated polymers, drug delivery, and synthesis of smart polymers. Recently his research team is working on the sensitivity copolymers for drug delivery.

  • Prof. Tsvetelina Velikova, PhD., Clinical Immunology, University Hospital Lozenetz, Sofia, Bulgaria. Email:


    Dr. Tsvetelina Velikova graduated from the Medical University of Sofia in 2010. She received her Ph.D. on “Investigation of immunological parameters for intestinal inflammation to establish new markers for diagnosis and follow up of Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients” in 2014 and a specialty in Clinical Immunology in 2016.

    Now, she is assigned as a medical director for Synevo laboratories and she is affiliated to University Hospital Lozenetz at the Department of Molecular biology, genetics, immunology, virology, microbiology, and parasitology. She is a member of several scientific and professional organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.

    Dr. Velikova`s scientific interest and publications are mainly focused on the immunology of the gastrointestinal tract. She has a solid background in publishing more than a hundred different types of scientific articles (original articles, reviews, and mini-reviews, case reports, commentaries, editorials, etc.) mainly in the field of autoimmunity, gastroenterology, endocrinology.

    She also serves as a reviewer and editorial board member for several journals Dr. Velikova has also participated in more than 15 scientific projects.

    She writes a blog on Immunology and serves as a medical writer for medical blogs.

    Research Interest

    Immunology, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Mucosal Immunology, Diabetes, Asthma, Cytokines

  • Dr. Tanveer Alam, M.Sc., Ph.D., Head-R&D (Perfumery & Cosmetic Unit) in University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman. Email:


    Dr. Tanveer Alam received his Ph.D. Degree in the field of Natural Product Chemistry from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India in 2001. From Nov. 2000 to Sept. 2001, he was a Research Associate at Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India, and worked on the synthesis of water-soluble derivatives of Silymarin. Upon completion of his education, he started his career as an Executive-R&D in a Natural Flavor & Fragrances Company, and afterward, he had served as General Manager & Head-R&D in different National & Multinational Natural Product Industries.

    Dr. Alam has more than 20 years of R&D experience in the field of Natural Products Chemistry. He has been worked as Associate Professor at Eritrea Institute of Technology, State of Eritrea. He is a Ph.D. supervisor in JJT, University, Rajasthan, India, and Visiting Professor at BioNatural Healing College, California, USA. He is the Advisory Board Members in Pharma & Natural Food Colors Industries. He is also a Member of Editorial Boards and Referee for more than thirty National & International Journals.

    Since March 2015, Dr. Alam is looking for the Production Unit for the commercialization of Omani Medicinal & Aromatic Plants at the University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman.

    Research Interest
    • Natural Product Chemistry
    • Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry
    • Characterization of natural and synthetic compounds by NMR, MS, IR, and UV spectroscopic techniques.
    • Competent in Designing schemes for the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic compounds of pharmaceutical interest.
    • Screening for in vivo and in vitro pharmacological activity includes but not limited to (antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, hepatoprotective, antidiabetic, cytotoxic, antimicrobial, etc.).
    • Clinical trials on Hepatoprotective and Anti-HIV drugs.
    •  Method development, validation, and analysis of pharmaceutical products by UV, HPLC, GC-MS, and HPTLC.

  • Dr. Ian S Haworth, PhD., Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California, 1985 Zonal Avenue, USA. Email:


    Dr. Ian Haworth is an Associate Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at USC. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK, and then spent three years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK, before joining USC in 1992. His research work lies at the interfaces of chemistry, biochemistry, and computational prediction of molecular structure. This work involves development and utilization of algorithms for prediction of drug-protein molecular interactions and simulation of ADME properties of drugs. Dr. Haworth's laboratory has published about 100 scientific articles on this work. Current projects include examining the relationship of affinity with solvation at drug-protein interfaces; prediction of ionic solubility for utilization in ADME models for prediction of drug delivery; and use of molecular informatics in prediction of peptide delivery. Dr. Haworth also has a major role in teaching of medicinal chemistry and biopharmaceutics in the Pharm.D., Ph.D. and Masters programs at USC, and he has lectured and taught courses on this content worldwide. He is also currently Co-Director of the International Summer Program in the USC School of Pharmacy.

    Research Interest

    Dr. Haworth has utilized problem-based learning and active learning in teaching of Pharm.D. science courses for many years, and he has published and presented widely on these educational approaches. Dr. Haworth is also interested in utilization of computational methods in evaluation of educational outcomes, including new approaches to curriculum mapping and assessment.

  • Dr. Ozan Emre Eyupoglu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in School of Pharmacy, Medipol University, İstanbul, Turkey. Email:


    He received his Ph.D. Degree from Graduate School of Natural & Applied Sciences, Chemistry (Biochemistry), Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey in 2017. He has published a number of researches and conference articles about the chromatographic analysis and antioxidant activities of medicinal plants in reputed journals. He is an interdisciplinary scientist who specializes in developing on-line chromatographic methods. He supervised 2 Master's degree candidates who are making a thesis on the coagulation system and aromatherapy recently.

    Research Interest
    • Health Sciences
    • Medicine
    • Basic Medical Sciences
    • Biochemistry
    • Biophysics
    • Biomolecules
    • Proteomics and Biological Spectroscopy
    • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovative techniques, and plans studies for processing biochemical data for disease diagnosis

  • Prof. Ceng Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid Ahmed, , Ph.D., Professor of Water Resources ad Environmental Engineering at Environmental Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Bld. A13, Room 306, Head Revision and Proofreading Department, Center of Scientific Publication and member of its Managerial Council, Main Library Building, 3rd floor, Room 308 Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, 31451Box 1982, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Email:,


    Current employee: Environmental engineering dept., College of Engineering, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU), Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Current status and job: Professor of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at College of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, 15 September 2008 to date; and Heal Proofreading and Revision Dept. Scientific Publication Centre, IAU, November 2013 to date.

    Research Interest

    Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

  • Prof. Zizi I. Abdeen, PhD., Professor for Applied Chemistry & Head of Polymer Lab. Department of Petrochemicals, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt. Email:


    Prof. Dr. Zizi Abdeen has completed her PhD in Chemistry, Ain Shams University, Egypt and postdoctoral studies at Department of Petrochemicals, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt. She has published more than 35 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of repute in more than 29 journals.

    Research Interest
    • Development of Nano-Microgels.
    • Targeted oily water treatment and reused
    • Chitosan and its applications in petroleum field
    • Polymer nanosystems - Metal nanoparticles- Hydrogels
    • Synthesis of metal nanocomposites polymers (Green Synthesis)
    • Petroleum field systems using nano-Hydrogel systems etc.

  • Prof. M. Vidyavathi, M.Pharm, Ph.D., Professor at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam (SPMVV) Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India. Email:


    Prof. Vidyavathi.M obtained B.Pharm, and M.Pharm in first class with a gold medal and university ranks from Kakatiya University, Warangal and Doctoral degree from SPMVV, Tirupati.  She has started her professional career as a lecturer in 1996 at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT), SPMVV. She has worked in various capacities like an Assistant professor, Associate professor, Professor, Head of IPT. BOS chairperson of IPT.  She has 56 research publications and 63 paper presentations to her credit at the national, international level.  She has received the best paper presentation awards in IPC (2011,2012,2014,2015), APTI, 38 M.Pharm., 06 doctoral students completed under her guidance. She has been invited from Andhra Pradesh for Science communicators meet in 105th ISC at Imphal. She has received the state's best teacher award from the state government, in 2018. She is associated with many prestigious professional bodies as a life member (APTI, IPA, ISCA, etc.). She acted as an Academic senate member and Member of the Board of studies in other universities.

    Research Interest
    • Microbial biotransformation studies
    • Novel drug delivery systems (GRDDS, Microspheres )
    • Nano drug delivery systems
    • Biomaterials for tissue engineering

  • Prof. Ihsan Edan Abdul Kareem, Department of Microbiology, College of Medicine, University of Basrah, Iraq. Email:


    SURNAME: Al-Saimary NAME: professor Dr. Ihsan Edan Abdul Kareem SEX: Male DATE OF BIRTH: 10 October 1965 PLACE OF BIRTH: Basrah, Iraq. MARITAL STATUS: Married, 3 CHILD NATIONALITY: Iraqi - mueslim POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O.Box 696, Central Basrah Office, Ashar 42001 , College of Medicine, University of Basrah , Basrah – Iraq. MOBILE: 00964 07801410838 E-mail: IHSANALSAIMARY@GMAIL.COM CURRENT POSITION: PROFESSOR Specialization: medical and molecular bacteriology and immunology EDUCATION: Primary School 1976-1977 Secondary (high) School 1982-1983 College of Science 1986-1987 Microbiology Dept. DATE OF PRIMARY QUALIFICATION:1982- 1983 in average (82.1%) UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE & UNIVERSITY: ( BACHALARIOUS ) B.SC IN BIOLOGY ( 31-7-1986) University of Basrah, College of Science, Department of Biology) 1986 – 1987 RANK AND AVERAGE ON GRADUATION: firstly in college , secondly in university in average (85.683 %) POSTGRADUATE DEGREE: M.Sc. Med. Microbiology, University of Baghdad, College of Science, Microbiology Department. In 16-10-1990 PH.D. MED. BACTERIOL & IMMUNOL. , UNIVERSITY OF BASRAH , COLLEGE OF SCIENCE ,MICROBIOLOGY DEPT . IN 9-11-2006 POST - DOCTORATE DEGREE AND /OR SABBATICAL TRAINING – UNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTH – SCHOOL OF BIOMEDICINE AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES- UNITED KINGDOM – 25 SEPT -26-OCTOBER 2011 POST GRADUATE DEGREE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION(DBA) LINKED BUSINESS SCHOOL, FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH OFFICE , COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION , LONDON , UNITED KINGDOM , FROM JULY 2017 TO 1 AUGUST 2018 IN AVERAGE MARK OF 91,09% LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: Arabic AND English Google scholar Prof.Dr. Ihsan Edan Abdulkareem Alsaimary h-index : 9 i10-index : 8 researchGate Ihsan E Al-Saimary • 35.25 • 200.2 Total Research Interest • 152 Citations • 23 Recommendations • 32,956 Reads • HISTORICAL VIEW Graduation from primary and / or secondary high school until 1982-1983 in average ( 82.1%) in Basrah city . Enjoy to graduate study in biology dept. college of science , university of basrah in 1983-1983 Graduation from undergraduate study ( bachalorious of science B.Sc ) in general biology until 31-7-1986 in average ( 85.683%) in rank firstly superior on biology dept. and college of science ,and secondly superior on Basrah university graduate students . Graduate report: molecular biology and genetic engeneering in bacteria. In 19-8-1986 enjoy to obligate military service in iraqi army in( alfarooq military hospital and albasrah military hospital and army healthy organization) as a member of microbiology staff of microbiology laboratory. Demobilized from army until my acception in postgraduate study in 11-8-1989.

    Research Interest

    Medical and Molecular Bacteriology and Immunology

  • Dr. Deepthi K, B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, Vadakara (CAPE, Govt. of Kerala), India. Email:


    Deepthi K is currently serving as Assistant Professor and Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department at College of Engineering, Vadakara (CAPE, Govt. of Kerala). She is a Ph.D. holder from Cochin University of Science and Technology with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning. She has more than 16 years of teaching/research experience. She is serving as the Editorial Board member of the international journal Biotechnology and Bioinformatics of Mediterranean Journal series, published from the USA.

    Research Interest

    Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging, and Machine Learning. She has research publications in well-known SCI-indexed journals published by Springer, Elsevier, and IEEE.

  • Dr. Cheng Li-Min, Ph.D., Director of the secretariat office of Legal Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, Taiwan. Email:

    • Ph.D. in Business Administration, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan (2018)
    • Master of Public Administration, Tung-Hai University, Taiwan (2002)
    • Bachelor of Law, Fu-Jen University, Taiwan (1997)
    Research Interest
    • The interdisciplinary research of business administration, public administration, and jurisdiction. 
    • Drug Abuse

  • Prof. Vikram Deep Monga, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry ISF College of Pharmacy, Ghal Kalan, Ferozpur G.T. Road MOGA, 142001, Punjab, India Email:


    Dr. Vikram Deep Monga earned his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in 2008 from highly premier National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) Mohali, India (Pharmaceutical Research Institute of National Importance). After completion of his Ph.D. work, he joined as Postdoctoral Research Associate at Chicago College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University, IL, USA. Presently he is working as Professor and Head in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, Punjab (India). He has published many research papers in various peer reviewed International and National journals of high impact and four patents to his credit. He was the recipient of various prestigious International and National awards including DST Young Scientist Award by the Government of India and Endeavour Research Fellowship from Australian Government. He is recognised as certified trainer as quality control chemist by NSDC, India. Furthermore, he was the recipient of best oral presentation award in 1st International Peptide symposium, conducted by Indian peptide society at India, 22-23 February, 2007 and International travel Award by the American peptide Society. He has guided around 30 Master students and currently guiding 3 Ph.D. students for their dissertation work. He is reviewer and member editorial board of various peer reviewed journals of high impact.

    Research Interest

    His area of research interest focuses on the design and synthesis of peptides, functionalized amino acids and novel heterocyclic compounds for the treatment of Neurological & Metabolic disorders (Obesity, Diabetes and anticonvulsant’s), Cancer and Infectious diseases including molecular docking, simulation and QSAR studies.

  • Dr. S. Ahmed John, M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D., Head of the Department, PG and Research Department of Botany, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli 620 020, India. Email:

    • M. Sc. - 1983(Botany)
    • M. Phil - 1985 (Botany)
    • Ph.D. - 1991 (Botany)

    Dr. S. Ahmed John graduated from Botany Department University of Madras in 1981, Post Graduated from Botany Annamalai University in 1983, Master of Philosophy from Botany Annamalai University in 1985, Doctor of Philosophy from Botany, Bharathidasan University in 1991. He has 32 years of Teaching and 33 years of Research Experience in Molecular Genetics. He produced 34 Ph.D. and 75 M.Phil. Under his guidance 5 Ph.D. pursuing. He is a recognized Ph.D. Research Advisor of Botany, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology for 9 Universities. He was Awarded Best NSS Officer in 1992 and Best research paper award in 2015. He presented Papers in the International conference in Nepal(1992), Israel(1996), Palestine(1996) ,Jordan(1996), Singapore(1999), Australia(1999), France(2002), China(2009), Saudi Arabia(2010). In recent years he focused on  Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics of  Marine resources and got some important success.

    Research Interest
    • Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
    • Botany

  • Prof. Shradha Sinha, M.Sc., Ph.D., Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry in Babu Banarasi Das, Northern India Institute of Technology ,Lucknow , India. Email:

    • Research Associate from January 1985 to December 1997 in Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow.
    • Post Doctoral Fellow (1981-82) CSIR, New Delhi, Dept. of Chemistry, Lucknow University, Lucknow.
    • Senior Research Fellow (1980-81) CSIR, New Delhi, Dept. of Chemistry, Lucknow University, Lucknow.
    • Junior Research Fellow (1977-79) U.P. Council of Science and Technology, Lucknow, Dept. of Chemistry, Lucknow University, Lucknow.
    • Ph. D. (Newer Compound acting on Central Nervous System) from Lucknow University in 1980.
    • M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry) from Lucknow University in 1976.
    • B. Sc. in 1974 from IT College, Lucknow University, Lucknow.
    Research Interest
    • Applied Chemistry
    • Drug Research

  • Dr. M. Anjana, M. Pharm, Ph.D., Professor and H.O.D in Nirmala college of pharmacy, Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh, India. Email:

    • Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical sciences): “ Phytopharmacological studies on Vigna genus plants” under Andhra university awarded on 25th Feb 2014.
    • Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry) in University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam from 2006 – 2008. Secured 80%
    • Gate percentile: 657 All India rank
    • Bachelor of Pharmacy in J.S.S College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mysore, Rajiv Gandhi University from 2003 – 2005. Secured 76.5%.
    • Diploma in Pharmacy in Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy, Vijayawada, from 2000-2002. Secured 89%
    • SSC in Sri Vasavi English medium high school, Gudiwada,1998, secured 73.1%
    Research Interest
    • Phytochemistry
    • Pharmacognosy
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Prof. MAJ. Sorush Niknamian, M. Sc., Ph.D., Professor at the Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine, University of Cambridge, England, UK. Email:


    (MAJ Dr. Sorush Niknamian Ph.D. CRFM PE APA_FPD AICP MWSES MLPI MACRO MTMA MRSB FIMS FChE EMBS FNNECOS FTSCO ANCC, AANP, ACPE, ACHE, ADA CERP APA FMDCSCO FSASS) Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology and Oncology and Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Oncology and Biological Attacks. He is a Professional Biologist, Senior Research Scientist, Chartered Scientist, and Registered His Science Council ID is: A-0008833. He is one of the United Kingdom and Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC) certified. He is a Registered Researcher in the U.S. Government's System for Award Management, Registered Scientist at National Center for Biotechnology Information. He is studying Medicine/Military Medicine at Liberty University (LU), Lynchburg, VA, United States of America. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, and Management. He is a Member of the US Government National Science Foundation, Member of Hera Swiss Volunteers (ID: 198036), Member of US Army American College of Physicians Chapter, Ambassador of the American Cancer Society (ACS CAN), and former Ambassador of European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), Active Member of Federal Health Professionals at US Army Forces and Certified Member of American Red Cross and Food Regulatory Affairs Professionals. He is an Honorary Board Member and contributor of Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) in Washington DC, United States of America. He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Cancer Biology and Doctor of Science from Violet Cancer Institute.

    Research Interest

    Clinical Oncology, Cancer Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Biological Sciences, General Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Military Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Medical Sciences. Virology, Microbiological sciences, Herbal Medicine. Oral Cancer, Oral Health.

  • Dr. Yusuf Haruna, M.Sc., Ph.D., Departmental Postgraduate Coordinator Pure and Applied Chemistry, Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, P. M. B 1144, Aliero, Kebbi State. Email:

    • Applied Chemistry 1996
    • M Sc. Medical Pharmacology 2008
    • Diploma in Data Processing & Desktop Publishing 2011
    • Ph.D. Medical Pharmacology  2015
    Research Interest
    • Phytochemistry
    • Biochemistry
    • Pharmacology
    • Applied chemistry

  • Dr. Parmesh Kumar Dwivedi, M. Pharm., Ph.D., A.I.C., C.N.F., Assistant Professor at the Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus, India. Email:


    Dr. Dwivedi obtained a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow (First Division Hons), a Bachelor's degree from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow (First Division Hons), A.I.C. by Institutions of Chemist (India) through selection C.N.F. from UPRTOU, Allahabad. He has a total experience of about 13 years. He also took one year of research (project) work at Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow during M.Pharm.

    Research Interest
    • Optimization of methods for synthesis of organic molecules.
    • Interpretation of IR, FT-IR, Mass, and NMR spectra.
    • Purification of compounds using different chromatographic techniques

  • Dr. Sameena Farrukh, M.Sc., Ph.D. , Scientist, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Bhopal, India. Email:

    • Ph.D. - Zoology, 2014, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India
    • M.Sc. – Zoology (withspecialization in Envt. Biology) 2000, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India
    • B. Sc. - Biochemistry 1998 Barkatullah University, Bhopal, India
    • M.A – Education(specialization inEducation Technology), 2014, Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
    Research Interest
    • Vertebrate and Invertebrate Zoology
    • Biochemistry
    • Physiology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Environment Biology & Ecology
    • Environment Toxicology
    • ICT
    • Education Technology

  • Dr. S. Rajyalakshmi, MD, Working as a Research associate at Siddha Clinical Research Unit, Tirupati, Under Central Council for Research in Siddha, Andhra Pradesh, India. Email:


    Dr. Lakshmi obtained a Bachelor's degree in Siddha Medicine and Surgery from Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai (2006-2011), a Master's degree in Special Medicine, Dr.M.G.R University, Chennai (2012-2015), Dissertation: “Open comparative clinical trial on Siddha drugs  “panchamuga chendhuram” and “kundavaadhi thailam in psoriasis patients. The objective of the study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of trial drugs “panchamuga chendhuram” and “kundavaadhi thailam” in psoriasis patients; a Diploma in Acupuncture, and a professional diploma in Clinical Research. She was awarded the “Young Scientist award” on International scientist award 2021 on engineering, science, and Medicine on 8,9 Jan 2021 from the VDGOOD Technology factory.

    Research Interest
    • Siddha/ Ayurveda/ Herbal medicine clinical and pre-clinical studies.
    • Siddha/ Ayurveda/ Herbal medicine standardization with sophisticated analytical instruments like HPTLC, SEM, TEM, ICPEOS, etc.
    • Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, other external therapies in the Indian system of medicine like massage (Thokkanam), Physical manipulation (Varmam), etc.

  • Prof. Fatma Bassyouni, Ph.D, Department of Natural and Microbial Products, National Research Center, Cairo 12662, Egypt. Email:


    Professor in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical research, and textile application research, Chemistry of Natural and Microbial Products Department, pharmaceutical research and drug industries division, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

    Research Interest

    • Chromatography analysis • The application of total quality system , ISO 9001 • Molecular Docking Study, Programs. • Chromatography up to date.

  • Dr. Adnan Mansour Jasim, Ph.D., Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology College of Veterinary Medicine -Baghdad University, Iraq. Email:


    Dr. Adnan obtained a Bachelor's degree specializing in veterinary medicine and veterinary surgery from, University of Qadisiyah 2005-2006, Iraq; Masters in pharmacology and toxicology: department of physiology and pharmacology College of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Qadisiyah 2008-2009 specialized in the pharmacotherapy of digestive and endocrinology & a Ph.D. in  Pharmacology & Toxicology-2019 in the Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology College of Veterinary Medicine -Baghdad university, Iraq. Thesis: Attenuation of the Adverse Effect of Vorapaxar by Carring on PLGA Nanoparticles.

    Research Interest

  • Dr. Anas A. Salem, Ph.D., Assoc Prof., Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, Egypt. Email:


    Anas Salem has completed his PhD at the age of 38 years from Assiut University and got grants from DAAD organizations for doing academic researches in TUM, Munich, Germany. He has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and serving as a member in many scientific journals.

    Research Interest

  • Dr. Shailaja Shashikant Shirsath, M. Pharm, (Ph.D), Lecturer & Researcher at the Department of Pharmacology, Shree Ambabai Talim Sanstha’s, Diploma in Pharmacy College, Miraj, Maharashtra, India. Email:


    Ms. Shirsath obtained a Master's degree in Pharmacology from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka; a Bachelor's degree at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharashtra. She conducted research on ”Effect of Bahuhinia Purpurea Linn on Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity in Rats.” & ”Effect of combination of Polyherbal Extracts for the treatment of Hyperlipidemia using Animal Model". She is currently working on Cardiovascular drugs & Nano Technology.

    Research Interest

    Pharmacological Studies, NDDS, Effects of Drugs, Nanotechnology

  • Prof. Satya Prakash Gupta, M.Sc, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Meerut Institute Engineering and Technology, Meerut, India.


    Prof. Gupta obtained M.Sc. in Chemistry (Gold Medalist), 1967, Allahabad University, Allahabad & completed his D. Phil (Ph. D) (Quantum Chemistry), 1971, Allahabad University, Allahabad. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of India. He is the Recipient of Ranbaxy Research Foundation Award, 1989, a highly prestigious national award for the excellence of work in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India (N.A.Sc), a distinction conferred on noted Indian Scientists, Recipient of Best Citizen of India, Award, 2005, Included in "Marquis's Who Is Who In The World" & was Nominated by American Chemical Society on a Task Force, 1996, to evaluate Chemical Reviews, and 1997 to evaluate Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. He was involved in research since 1967 & has teaching experience of about 42 years. Previously, he served as a Senior Professor of Chemistry at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, and National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research, Bhopal, India.


    Research Interest

    Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Theoretical Aspects of Drug Design (QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship) and Molecular Modeling], Bioinformatics.

  • Dr. Moumita Hazra, General Physician, Hazra Nursing Home, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Email:


    Dr. Moumita Hazra, MBBS (Medicine), DCP (Clinical Pathology) (Haematology, Cytopathology, Molecular Diagnostics), MD (Pharmacology) (Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapeutics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacohaemomateriovigilance, Pharmacogenomics, Evidence Based Medicine, Medical Education, Obstetric and Gynaecological Reproductive Endocrinological Pharmacology, Diabetological Endocrinological Pharmacology, Neonatal Pharmacology, Respiratory Pharmacology, Dermatopharmacology, Clinical Medicine, Cancer Immunotherapy), MBA (Hospital Management) (Operations Management), PGDCR (Clinical Research) (Medical Research Methods, Clinical Research Ethics); FIAMS (Pathology); Associate MRCP (Clinical Medicine), Associate MRCOG (Obstetrics and Gynaecology); MIPS (Pharmacology), MISRPT (Rational Pharmacotherapeutics, Pharmaco-Haemo-Materio-Vigilance), MCCP (Chest Medicine, Cardiology), MIAC (Cytology and Cytopathology), MIAPM (Pathology), MKCIAPM (Pathology), MIMA (Medicine). My affiliations include Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Molecular Pharmacology for MBBS, MD, MS, DM, MCh, Dental, MSc, MPhil, PhD, Nursing, Paramedical and Pharmacy students; Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Research In Charge, Internal Quality Assurance Coordinator, Narayana Medical College, Narayana Hospitals; Former Associate Professor, Head of Department In Charge, Department of Pharmacology, Former Pharmaco-Haemo-Materio-Vigilance Specialist, Pharmacovigilance Committee, Mamata Medical College, Mamata Hospitals; Former Associate Professor, Head of Department In Charge, Department of Pharmacology, Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Rama University; Former Deputy Medical Superintendent, Department of Medical Administration, Former Assistant Professor, Head of Department In Charge, Department of Pharmacology, Shri Ramkrishna Institute of Medical Sciences and Sanaka Hospitals, Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Gouri Devi Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital, K.D. Medical College Hospital and Research Center; Former Resident and Tutor, Departments of Pharmacology and Pathology, J. J. M. Medical College and Hospitals, Chigateri General Hospital, Medical and Surgical Departments, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital, K. C. General Hospital; Guest Professor, Head of Department, Department of Pharmacology, Hi-Tech College of Nursing; Consultant Multi-Specialist Clinical Pharmacological Physician, Consultant Clinical Pathologist, Medical Director, Medical Superintendent, Consultant Rational Pharmacotherapeutic Physician, Consultant Drug Safety and Quality Physician, Consultant Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinological Pharmacological Physician, Consultant Clinical Endocrinological Pharmacological Physician, Consultant Respiratory Pharmacological Physician, Consultant Neonatal Pharmacological Physician, Pharmaco-Haemo-Materio-Vigilance Specialist, Pharmacogenomics Specialist, Molecular Pharmacology Specialist, Cytopathologist, Molecular Diagnostics Specialist, Principal, Medical Academics and Clinical Research Director, Director Medical Administration, Managing Director, Hazra Nursing Home, Hazra Polyclinic And Diagnostic Centre, Dr. Moumita Hazra’s Polyclinic And Diagnostic Centre, Academic Centre, Educational Centre, and World Enterprises; Consultant Pathologist, Laboratory Director, Mahuya Diagnostic Centre and Doctors’ Chamber, Indus Nursing Home and Indus Diagnostic Centres, General Patho Clinic, Medilab Pathological Laboratory; Medical Editor-In-Chief, Medical Editorial and Advisory Board Member, Medical Editor, Medical Reviewer and Medical Author in many National and International Publications; Former Manager, Clinical Excellence and Quality Management, Fortis Hospitals; Former Assistant Medical Director, Medical Editor, GIOSTAR IRM Institutes, Hospitals and Laboratories, New Delhi, India, USA, World; Medical Examinations Appraiser, Medical Examinations Assessor, Medical Invigilator, Medical Examiner, Medical Universities and Examination Boards, India; Medical Fellow and Member, Medical Associations, Academies and Colleges, India, UK; Former Academic Scholar and Research Scientist, Medical and Science Universities, India, USA, UK, World; with a professional experience in Medical Sciences, for 42-43 years. I have authored, co-authored and edited almost 120 ongoing and published medical articles in national and international journal publications. I have authored and edited almost 34 ongoing and published medical books. I have presented numerous medical posters and medical papers as speaker in many national and international conferences. I have significant literary contributions in : Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology, Pharmaco-Haemo-Materio-Vigilance, Rational Pharmacotherapeutics, Evidence Based Medicine, Pharmacological Quality and Safety, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology and Molecular Pharmacology undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and postdoctorate Professing, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology and Molecular Pharmacology Education, Medical undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and postdoctorate Professing, Medical Education, Medical Advisory Board and Faculty, Competency Based Medical Education : Competencies, Objectives, Teaching Learning Methods, Alignment and Integration in Medical Education, Assessment Methods, Aligned and Integrated Assessment Methods, Pharmacology Professing Methods, Clinical Pharmacology Professing Methods, Molecular Pharmacology Professing Methods, Medical Professing Methods, Medical Academic and Education Management, Academic Directorialship, Pharmacology Research Methods, Clinical Pharmacology Research Methods, Molecular Pharmacology Professing Methods, Clinical Research Methods, Pharmacology Education Research Methods, Clinical Pharmacology Education Research Methods, Molecular Pharmacology Education Research Methods, Medical Education Research Methods, Dermatopharmacology, Respiratory Pharmacology, Drug Delivery Systems, Pharmacology of Antibiotics, Pharmacology of Retinoids, Ocular Pharmacology, Gynaecological and Obstetric Pharmacology, Paediatric and Neonatal Pharmacology, Women Health, Child Health, Endocrine Pharmacology, Endocrine Onco-Pharmacology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Pharmacology of Vitamins and Antioxidants, Onco-Molecular Pharmacology, Therapeutic Onco-Vaccines, Pharmaco-Immuno-Onco-Therapeutics, Molecular Therapeutics, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics, Epigenetics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Personalised Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Stem Cell Therapeutics and Research, Regenerative Medicine, Haematology, Haemato-Oncology, Endocrine Onco-Pathology, Onco-Molecular Pathology, Cytopathology, Cytology, Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Directorship, Hospital Management, Hospital Administration, Medical Administration, Medical Directorship of Global Medical Universities, Institutions, Hospitals and Laboratories, Management of Government Universities, Institutions and Hospital Establishments, Corporate Strategies, Planning and Advisory, Brand Management, Corporate Project Improvisation, Clinical Research, Clinical Research Methods, Clinical Research Authorship and Reviewing, Clinical Research Publications Editing, Medical Editing, Clinical Trials Management, Medical and Clinical Research Directorship.

    Research Interest
    • Pharmacology

  • Dr. A V Badarinath, Professor, Sree Dattha Institute of Pharmacy, Sheriguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Hyderabad – 501 510 (NBA, NAAC Accredited), India. Email:

    • Working as Professor in Sree Dattha Institute of Pharmacy, Sheriguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Hyderabad – 501 510, India
    • Worked as Professor in Bharath Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    • Worked as Professor & Incharghe Principal in Dr. K V Subba Reddy Institute of Pharmacy, Kurnool, A.P, India
    • Worked as Assistant Professor & Associate Professor in Annamacharya College of Pharmacy, Rajampet, Kadapa District, A.P, India
    Research Interest
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Industrial Pharmacy
    • Pharmaceutics