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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery

Journal of Pharmaceuticals Sciences and Drug Discovery is a Multi-disciplinary peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing advancements in the field of pharmaceutical and drug research which has a huge impact on public health. Our objective is to provide an open platform for the research community in this field where collaboration of researchers from multiple areas is crucial for new developments. Progress in the field of genetic research and computation has opened new doors in drug research. 

The following themes are coveredin the journal, but not limited to: Drug design; Pharmacokinetics; Drug discovery; Natural products; Pharmacogenomics; Formulation; Personalized medicine; Nanotechnology; Analytics; Therapeutic aspects; Quality control; Optimization by medicinal chemistry; Drug pharmacodynamics; Evaluation of safety and toxicity of drug molecules; Regulatory science; Biopharmaceutics; Pharmacokinetics; Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry; Computational Chemistry and Molecular Drug Design; Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry; Pharmacology; Pharmaceutical Analysis; Pharmacy Practice; Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy.

We welcome submissions of the following article types: Original research, Case report, Review, Commentary, Perspective, Opinion, Short Communication and Letters to the Editor. We aim to publish reliable research on advancements in the field and provide online access to readers worldwide without any restrictions.

Journal of Pharmaceuticals Sciences and Drug Discovery is an International Journal that publishes three issues per year, started in the year 2022 which publishes articles in Open Access Format only in online version in the English Language.

Submissions of manuscripts are welcome via online submission system or via email to the Editorial Office at: