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Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Optometry Research

Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Optometry Research

Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Optometry Research is a peer reviewed International journal dedicated to publish relevant research in the field of Ophthalmology and Optometry. Our objective is to provide an open platform to communicate research findings for clinicians, researchers, lab professionals and students who are involved in the field. Discoveries made in different areas of the Ophthalmology and Optometry including ocular biology, genetics along with technological advancements have brought dramatic changes in clinical practice. 

Our journal welcomes articles covering the following themes, but not limited to: Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD); Anterior Segment Surgery; Astigmatism; Blindness; Cataract; Color Blindness; Corneal Abrasion; Corneal Ulcer; Diabetic Retinopathy; Dry eye Syndrome; Farsightedness; Glaucoma; Hazy Vision; Hypertensive Retinopathy; Hyphema; Lazy Eye; Medical Retina; Myasthenia Gravis; Nearsightedness (Myopia); Neuro-ophthalmology; Night Blindness; Visual System; Ocular Migraines; Ocular Oncology; Oculoplastics& Orbit surgery; Ophthalmic Pathology; Ophthalmoplegia; Optic Neuritis; Pediatric Ophthalmology; Photophobia. 

We welcome submissions of the following article types: Original research, Case report, Review, Commentary, Perspective, Opinion, Short Communication and Letters to the Editor. We aim to publish reliable research on advancements in the field and provide online access to readers worldwide without any restrictions. 

Submissions of manuscripts are welcome via online submission system or via email to the Editorial Office at: