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Journal of Multiorgan Transplantation

Journal of Multiorgan Transplantation

Journal of Nephrology & Renal Transplantation Science is an International, open access journal dedicated to publishing advancements in the research of renal infections and diseases, treatment and related technology. Kidney failure is among the most deadly and economically costly diseases faced by patients and modern society. This calls for more research in the field of emerging therapies for renal diseases. Our objective is to cover all aspects of nephrology research such as Kidney biopsy, Renal Replacement Therapy, Onconephrology, Kidney Biopsy, Preemptive Transplant etc.

Our journal covers the following themes, but not limited to: Renal Biology; Pediatric Nephrology; Pathophysiology of Renal Diseases; Genetics of Renal Diseases; Renal Failure; Diabetic Nephropathy; Renal Immunology; Renal Medicine; Renal Replacement Therapy; Kidney Diseases or Nephropathy; Diagnosis, Treatment & Medical Procedures.

We welcome submissions of the following article types: Original research, Case report, Review, Commentary, Perspective, Opinion, Short Communication and Letters to the Editor. We aim to publish reliable research on advancements in the field and provide online access to readers worldwide without any restrictions.

Submissions of manuscripts are welcome via online submission system or via email to the Editorial Office at:

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