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Journal of Veterinary and Marine Research

Journal of Veterinary and Marine Research

Journal of Veterinary And Marine Research is an International, peer reviewed journal dedicated to publications dealing with the progress in research and development in the field of Veterinary sciences and marine research, two major research streams important for ecology and environment. Veterinary research has significant impact in improving animal and human health through advances in preventive medicine, enhanced treatment for animal diseases, and in understanding the transmission of zoonotic and other emerging diseases between wild and domestic animals and humans. Meanwhile, research on different aspects of marine life is critical for a sustainable earth and a better future. 

Journal of Veterinary And Marine Research covers the following themes but not limited to:

Veterinary science aspects: Animal anatomy, Animal disease prevention and care; Basic biology of animals; Ecosystem health; Zoonotic diseases; Animal policy; Comparative physiology and pathology; Animal care; Animal disease control; Animal genetics and breeding; Livestock and poultry; Animal Reproduction; Animal Nutrition; Animal feeding; Aquaculture; Embryo manipulation; Meat science; Modelling animal systems; Physiology and Endocrinology; Veterinary Sciences and Infectious Diseases.

Marine research aspects: Aquaculture; Feed and nutrition; Seafood and health; Monitoring seafood; Marine ecology; Aquaculture; Fisheries; Modelling; Disease and immunity; Pollution. 

Articles submitted which involve subjecting animals to unnecessary pain or suffering will not be accepted, and all articles must be submitted with the necessary ethical approval.

Journal of Veterinary And Marine Research is a quarterly Journal started in the year 2022 which publishes articles in the English Language. 

We welcome submissions of the following article types: Original research, Case report, Review, Commentary, Perspective, Opinion, Short Communication and Letters to the Editor. We aim to publish reliable research on advancements in the field and provide online access to readers worldwide without any restrictions. 

Submissions of manuscripts are welcome via online submission system or via email to the Editorial Office at: