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Advances in Rheumatology Research

Advances in Rheumatology Research

Advance in Rheumatology Research is an International, open access journal which aims to publish on paediatric and adult rheumatic diseases, including clinical research, various diagnostic and treatment methods. The theme also includes causes, clinical studies, progression of disease, translational studies, patient care and discoveries. The field of rheumatology has seen great research efforts in the understanding and management of rheumatic diseases since they play a challenge in the daily lives of both rheumatologists and patients. 

The journal welcomes papers concerned with the following areas: 

Arthritic disease; Atherosclerosis; Arthroplasty; Clinical rheumatology; Clinical trials, care and research; Fibromyalgia; Geriatric rheumatology; Internal medicine; Metabolic bone disease; Osteoarthritis; Orthopedic surgery; Pain management; Paediatric rheumatology; Palindromic rheumatisim; Raynaud’s phenomenon; Rheumatoid arthritis; Spondyloarthritis; Systemic sclerosis; Vasculitis syndromes. 

We aim to publish reliable research on advancements in the field and provide online access to readers worldwide without any restrictions. We welcome submissions of the following article types: Original research, Case report, Review, Commentary, Perspective, Opinion, Short Communication and Letters to the Editor. 

Submissions of manuscripts are welcome via online submission system or via email to the Editorial Office at:

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